HEDONE & XCHOIX In Synchronicity




Why did HEDONE collaborate with XCHOIX on HEDONE ROSE?

HEDONE chose to work with XCHOIX as it is a brand platform that actively encourages independent watch brands and let's their craftsmanship and innovation shine through.


XCHOIX Promotes and sells micro brands, it champions the smaller companies that dare to be different, and offers elite products that are also affordable. Something unheard-of in the watch industry. The pride you will feel in wearing these products is tangible.


Both XCHOIX and HEDONE were both born in Hong Kong. Their visions are very closely intertwined, their outlook and futures working in harmony. Both want to bring something truly independent, truly creative and very special to their end users. The culture and vibrancy of Hong Kong is the main driving force behind both companies, and they grow even stronger when working together as a single entity.


Gothic Black:  Relates to Power, Elegance, Formality, and Mystery

Gothic Black:  Relates to Power, Elegance, Formality, and Mystery


Emerald Green:  Relates to Wisdom, Activity, Focus, and Clarity of Thought


Deepest Purple: Relates to Royalty, Nobility, Luxury, and Ambition


Purest White: Relates to Peace, Logic, Clarity, and Patience


Scarlet Red: Relates to Academia, Theology, Tradition, and Attention